Friday, 20 February 2015

Twists and turns

Dear Ella,

Another week of twists and turns at a pace "rapido" - even by my standards a bit too fast. 

Surprise revelations (and I don't mean who killed Lucy Beale - though we did finally find out last night) that were very personal and "oh......".  

Talk of you - when I was least expecting it - nice but had to hang on tight.

Warming, successful news from Cardiff - our girl would seem to be storming the world of neuroscience.

Realisation that I have developed a peculiar habit of trying to peer round corners, for example craning to follow the curve of a train snaking out in front - in the vain hope that you might be there - just around the corner.  Bonkers or what!

Foggy experiences on Peros Bridge - love an art installation - but not as much as you.

Birthday parties for uncles - candles, presents, songs and everything - lead of course by your endearing tiddly cousins T&K.

Brian went AWOL for 48 hours …..then reappeared like nothing had happened.

Peaceful and reassuringly familiar catch up with lovely Annie - what a treat had her all to myself.  So easy to chat about you and Sophie and all those happy days at the Pump House.  Lots of Woolacombe references - more news on that to come.. still not been brave enough to go back there - yet.

And as ever - have reached the island called the weekend and am literally at our island as in kitchen with some tunes on - and just calming and winding down and feeling you all around.

Lots of love


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  1. Don't leave in suspense Jo! Who is Lucy Beale and who killed her? Why dud she have to die? Love U Bob