Sunday, 15 March 2015

From a distance

Dear Ella

Made it all the way to the seaside and feel better.  Viewed Woolacombe from a wary distance  - that was enough, and reflected quietly on the all happy times you spent there.

By the magic of Facebook - Annie told me to look out for the chalets at Saunton that you headed for post A level celebrations way back when. Marketing hype and a few years on - they are now called "beach villas" - check you out!  It was nice to imagine you there having the time of your life.

By co-incidence it was Mothering Sunday today - a commercial frenzy of cards, flowers, lunches out and any other way that money can be made.  That said its a good reminder to stop and think about Mum's and everything they stand for.  Missing mine as ever - the greatest backstop that anyone could wish for when life dishes out its worst, and of course it's best.

As you well know - there is no shaking me off, I will always be your Mum or "Ella's Mum" as I was so often called, and was very loved by Sophie Rose this morning with the most beautiful and thoughtful gift that I opened as instructed today - rather that the day it arrived in the post last week.  As ever, I listenhard for your words of wisdom and guidance to help me learn to be the best Mum I can be to a 19 going on 20 year old - and hope I am doing OK.

Watching the sea today - it made me think about love - endless, infinite, restless, turbulent, choppy, calm and above else always there.

So as ever - lots of love


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