Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Kicks galore

Dear Ella,

Its been a while since I committed fingers to keyboard and dropped you a line, but I am sure you can feel the constant "Dear Ella" in my daily thoughts and doings.

Ups and downs, ins and outs - best describes the past two months since I "formally" dropped you a line.

"Everything changes and nothing remains still" Plato   Which I think is good - to move on through life I know I need change, challenges, new perspectives and at times a bloody massive kick - which of course only I am allowed to give.

Inertia = lethargy and bouts of maudlin self pity.  What a waste of time and energy.

Kick - went to a festival and wore wellington boots for 48 hours.  Tried twice to be miserable but said kicking worked and I had fun.

Kick - was silly with very longest serving girlfriends - and laughed till we cried

Kick - we had a lovely picnic on your birthday, the sun shone and we all smiled

Kick - continuing to learn to let go of trying to be in charge all the time

Kick - another arts and crafts attempt.  Rough and ready - but strangely therapeutic

Kick - gentle patience with Grandad on lovely weekend away.  Learning to walk slowly and sit and watch boats bobbing around - for ages!

Kick - its OK to do nothing to some times balance the keeping busy - just be still and enjoy the still.

All of those kicks mixed up with other stuff, has left me feeing surprisingly nice.

Lots and lots of love


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