Saturday, 30 April 2016

I'm back

Dear Ella,

I'm back - can't think why I ever quite stopped writing to you, I do all the time in my head - just not fingers to keyboard and onto said blog page.

Anyway - your going to get it now - a torrent of ramblings and words need to be tumbled out - hopefully in some kind of sane or more likely insane way.

Where to start…..

Beautiful flowers arrived today - from someone I really don't even know that well - just sending their love and thoughts.

Several phone calls today from friends to simply  ask "how are you and…….."

A continual sense of mild alertness - not quite sure whats going to happen next……

Wondering for ever what you would be doing, thinking and saying if you were here….. am sure it would always start with "MUM…… for goodness sake….."

Rain just stopped play - so can't  mow the lawn - yes am still mildly interested in the area at the back of Allington - comonly known as the garden.

Year 56 approaching…. no surely not, but yes……… and I know because:

  • Yes - I now like listening to Radio 4 - sometimes
  • I like going out early and coming home early - sometimes
  • I make funny groany type noises as I stand up - sometimes
  • I like doing nothing in particular and can do that for a long time
  • Driving at night is not much fun at all

Missing you loads as always

All my love

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