Thursday, 14 November 2013


Dear Ella,

Spending a lot of time in Manchester these days, as you know it's a very happening city and one that would have suited you down to the ground.

Do you remember when we come up for your art foundation interview - it was all so exciting, although of course I was not supposed to be excited.  My job was to be the dutiful parent trailing around behind you.  After all it wasn't me that was trying to get a university place.

In usual Mum fashion, I asked too many questions and made sure we spoke to all the right people - including that lovely man who was head of the art foundation course.  I remember thinking - "he'll do, he can have my daughter on his course".  A man who was passionate about design, the course and studying art in any shape or format.

You would have thrived in this vibrant city, and I know that in the end you decided not to come here but head for Brighton.

But - Manchester has got your name all over it - I think you might have got here eventually.

Missing you loads

Lots of love



  1. I love Manchester! Definitely an Ella city :) Next time you are up let me know as Leeds isn't far on the train and I could pop over! :) xxx

  2. I love Manchester too, I had a very happy three years there (80-83) and still have several really good friends from those times, if Ella had chosen Manchester, she would have had as good a time as anyhwere else