Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Vivid and chaotic

Dear Ella,

Vivid and chaotic memories of this time last year have been whirling through my head - snapshots of disbelief, what to do do, rain, getting the right people here, cups of tea, holding you, trying to understand what was best to do, watching "Pointless", organising, talking, trying to make it OK for others, watching you, sitting with you, lying with you, simply loving you and never ever wanting you to go.

My brave beautiful girl - I will love you for ever.



  1. Weeping as I read this. Wishing you love and some comfort from knowing you couldn't have possibly done any more.

  2. Jo, thinking of you and Ella today, tomorrow and every day. You were an amazing team. xx

  3. Love to you today.x

  4. Thinking not only of beautiful Ella today but of you, Sophie, Bob and your entire family. I'll go home, paint my nails red, pour a big G&T and raise it to the stars. xxx

  5. Love to you all RIP Ellaxxxxx

  6. Dear Jo - we too have been thinking of the beautiful little girl with whom we shared so many lovely moments when she was so small. Whatever you all have chosen to do today we hope that you have had cause to smile from the wonderful memories she left you with.
    Much love to you all and to beautiful Ella Bella xxxx