Thursday, 4 September 2014

Three Beautiful Things

Dear Ella,

Remember this game - still doing it, so today:

1.  Lovely long walk to work, down the chocolate path, a nod to your bridge, across the lock gates - looking at the deep, still water and up the hill….

2.  Mid afternoon sugar high - a new one on me, struggled all morning with a difficult piece of work, a wander and fresh air at lunch time some how found me in front of the pic'n'mix, cheap sweet frenzy at Wilkos,  had to be done, £1.98 later - I was "rushing" and so were my team - got us through a tricky presentation planning session.

3.  A lovely evening of sharing life long learning's with wise and wonderful ladies -  "survivors  and some" - menopausal marvels even….

What were yours (bet they weren't number three)?

Lots of love



  1. Well for me:

    Duck tikka for dinner
    New beer to try up the pub (having not had a drink since Monday)
    Started new book called "How it ends", interesting so far

    Love U Bob

  2. 86 degrees and sunny today
    Power walk around Wilson Park with Ian after work
    Started planning our trip for the Rugby World Cup 2015!

  3. Today:

    1. Sausage sandwich for brekky in a nice cafe in Twickenham
    2. Accompanying nephew to first City game - won 2-0
    3. Playing this game again - I like thinking about your day

    Uncle Jim

  4. Loving others"beautiful things" - thank you x