Tuesday, 25 November 2014

A message and a microwave

Dear Ella,

So, pushed on through the two year mark, distracted and absorbed by dragging myself up and down mountains behind U Bob and others.  As ever, wide open spaces, lung busting scrambles, spectacular views, easy company and aching legs (and other bits) helped some what.

Back to the more familiar, urban routine ascent of Park Street today - but home via dinner and drinks with girlfriends.   The rain was pouring down as we said goodnight and headed for our homes.  Crossing the river - the bells from St Mary Redcliffe were ringing loud and clear.  "Yes, yes Mum - I can hear you.   I've got the message, you think we are all doing OK, room for improvement (there always will be), but overall not too bad".   "Lovely to hear from you"!

Dodging puddles, getting wetter and wetter (mountain waterproofs would have been handy) - my pace quickened towards home - only to be greeted by a dumped microwave on the pavement outside my house.  Another (1st world)  problem to sort tomorrow.  Who the hell left that there!

Onwards……as ever.

Lots of love



  1. Glad we got the mountain pictures Sis as opposed to the Alington Road microwave!

  2. Great pics, great trip, love U Bob