Wednesday, 3 July 2013

A good read

Dear Ella,

Have finally been brave enough to go away on a "proper holiday" - so just back from five days in hot sunny France.

Time out - to recharge and allow space to really give in and think about events of recent years - painful and hard.  Did it help? "yes and no".

I missed my favourite holiday buddies - you and Sophie so much.  Long legs round the swimming pool, the gentle thump of music from your I Tunes, getting ready for dinner in the evening, rubbing after sun lotion into your backs - and simply hanging out in sunny hot climates.

I finally read "The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet's Nest" - the final book in the Millennium trilogy - and then I really missed you.  I never got round to reading it on our last holiday together - Greece 2010.  You said I would love it - and you were right.




  1. Thinking about you all (more than normal) after I found a super old birthday gift from Ella and Co, a Jonny Depp calendar! Me and Ella were the best JD fan group Ashton ever had!

  2. Glad you found time to read and enjoy your book Jo. The trilogy is on my list when I have time for non-academic related reading again! Much love xxx