Sunday, 7 July 2013

Two Mums

Dear Ella,

Been to Devon and back - took Grandad - very funny - top holiday quote "you plonker Mark"!  (and that was Grandad not me) - I laughed so much, I nearly forgot I was sad.

So given I don't have a Mum anymore (in the physical sense), I went in search of my godmothers - of which I have two.  Carol who you know very well and Brenda - not so well.   I got a whole heap of Mum hugs, encouragement, understanding and reassurance - at what point does a Mum learn to hug you like nobody else can?

Combine France with Devon, mix in Sophie away in Woolacombe and suddenly I managed 10 days without Sophie and only the odd text.  It felt good and I am sure it felt good for her.  In fact so good, I was even allowed to hug her (briefly) when I saw her this morning.  I hope she liked her "Mum hug".

With loads of hugs and love


With Brenda

With Carol

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