Saturday, 25 January 2014

A moment

Dear Ella,

Yesterday was just another day - but a day to pause and reflect just a little bit more.

Time to think and remember my Mum, your Granny.  As ever the wheels of the world turned round and life carried on, but it was good to sit with Dad/Grandad last night and raise a glass and smile.

Vivid memories of the night she left us two years ago - me rushing from Frenchay hospital where she was - to the Oncology hospital where you were - bravely getting on with your next cycle of Chemo, then home to Sophie.

You gave me the biggest hug and we cried a bit together, as I left the hospital church bells were ringing out loud and clear - and sounded just like my Mum.

Missing you both so much

Lots of love


1 comment:

  1. A nice day remembering 'our mum' at times yesterday...... And now Ella I can smell you..... Sat at a bar and Fresh Rosemary bush within 1 foot..... LOVELY..... Uncle Jim(James to my mum)