Sunday, 19 January 2014

Fat Boy Slim

Dear Ella,

Just back from Fat Boy Slim's neck of the woods - Brighton, though of course I really think of it as your neck of the woods.  

Vivid memories of spending 24 hours there with you - whilst you were interviewed for a place to study Interior Architecture at Brighton University.

You fell in love with the place - the beach, the buzz, the whole feel - it was so your kind of place.

There were lots of "Ella's" hanging out in bars, drifting round the lanes and generally owning the town - was so welled up that you never got to be there, though goodness knows it was not for lack of trying, I think your place was deferred twice and I had many conversations with a very kind and supportive gentleman called Terry Meade - who interviewed and offered you your place.

I took these for you - all "architectural" buildings you would have loved

Lots of Brighton love


Fat Boys pad

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