Tuesday, 8 April 2014


Dear Ella,

So far - a week of familiar feelings and events - some lovely, some not so lovely.

7am - Monday - a half dead frog, squealing on the kitchen floor - haven't seen one of those in a while - not lovely

6.30pm - Monday - a run, muddy, peaceful and so good for the soul.  Could almost remember back to the days when I would take off for a run from Glentworth and head off round the Downs.  Your little face pressed up against the window to watch for me coming back - well sometimes.  Lovely

Lunchtime - Tuesday - confirming flights to go on a holiday, that lovely fluttery excited feeling - haven't felt that one in a while

7.30pm - Tuesday - a dingy church hall back room, ill assorted furniture, erratic heating, random unloved objects cast about, a collection of people looking ill at ease - wishing they could be anywhere else other than there.  Long silences as each struggles to find the right words.  And they call this "support" - lets hope so, but hard to imagine.  Not lovely

Lots of love


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