Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Full Moon

Dear Ella,

Last night was a full moon - no reason not to head to Koh Phangan in Thailand  for the "full moon" party - assuming you are 18 and called Sophie Redman!  Lovely - lets hope she's OK and enjoyed the company of 30,000 other people.

Am working on the basis that no news is good news?

Older and wiser people would tell me its called "learning to let go" - hard when I have already let go of you.   But that's my problem and not Sophies.

No doubt at all that you would have made your way there at some point and danced all night on the edge of the balmy ocean under the lunar light - appreciating the astronomical wonder a little more than many others on the same strip of beach.

No such thing in my day - but am sure in many other ways I caused my Mum no end of anxiety as I disappeared off the radar heading to Australia and beyond - not a mobile phone in sight, aerograms if she was lucky and just the simple belief that her work was done and I had learnt and absorbed enough to navigate my way through wise and not such wise decisions and choices.  Here I am!

Lots of love




  1. Full Moons are all well and good and great to see, but this one is obscuring views of Mars which is at its closest to Earth for a few years. The light of the full Moon can be a bane for astronomers!

  2. Great point well mad as ever sis , I get this 100% ! We have let Tommy & Kezia go off on their own with their new friends on the farm this week and this has been hard enough. Small steps so they say, but they feel big at the time !! Xxx