Sunday, 8 June 2014

Approaching 54 - and still not been run over!

Dear Ella,

Approaching 54 - great news I still haven't been run over by a car, bike, lorry, bus or any other type of road machine.

Remarkable - given that you haven't been around for the last 18 months to check my road crossing skills………one of your wonderfully quirky ways - checking that I was crossing safely and telling me off when in your opinion I didn't.  "Green Cross Ella" - could have been your name.

Anyway, turns out others have picked up the role.  In Bath this weekend I was told off numerous times for not "crossing properly", "wait for green", "careful", "what are you doing" - could have been you.  

But as I used to say to you and I said to MK this weekend - "Gee Whizz - I am nearly 54 and have never been run over yet"!!!!!

Honest guys - I can look after myself - I promise.

Lots of love


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  1. Nearly 52 and survived being run over twice! Thanks too Mum and Dad for scrapping me of the road both times, love U Bob