Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Happy Birthday me

Dear Ella,

Well that was a busy birthday day - I know you were with me all the way, especially first thing at the Radio Station - where I was asked to recount some of your story.   It was painful and made me realise just how much of the really awful cancer moments are buried deep down - and not often allowed to bubble up to the surface.  The diagnosis day (s), the endless hours and weeks in hospital, the feelings of hopelessness, despair, disbelief and pain beyond pain - physical and spiritual.

But then of course there were some amazing times - where we laughed, cried, hugged and just clung on - and as I have said before, I would do it all again - just to have you back

So an emotional start - along with the shock of realising I am now 54, then onto a busy day at work, a train ride to London, a bit of late corporate do - involving wine, dancing and some very nice people.

All to a tidal wave of birthday wishes and love from friends and family - coming in on text, Facebook, e mail and the phone.   Very, very lovely.

..and best of all from Sophie a card  -

Dear Mum

Happy Birthday!!!

Love you lots, even when your being annoying!!!

Love Sophie xxxxxxxxxxx

Bet that makes you smile - you taught her well

Missing you so much.

Lots of love


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