Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Dear Ella,

Was reminded of these words this evening - they make more sense to me now than they did in November 2012 - thank you for being with me.

Still by Char March
Listen. There is this silence now. This stillness.
Gradually we will get used to it.  But, for now,
it is strange.  You have left such a gap.
Our world is in shock, holding its breathBut listen closer – all your laughter, all your love
is still ringing out. Still holding us.All our memories of you are still with us.
All the love we shared is still in every one of us.
And although we ache from this loss of you,
you will always be here – as still and steady,
and fierce, as any star.Look. You are shining
bright through all our skies.
Thank you
for being here with us.

Lots of Love


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