Monday, 19 August 2013


Dear Ella

Your little sister has made 18...not such a baby anymore.  Think you would have been proud - she is looking stunning, has clearly enjoyed being the centre of attention and we have heard her laughing and talking a lot!

Long may it last - though as ever, I am finding it hard to cope with all the "nights out" and fretting about her getting home in one piece.  I know you would say "oh Mum, she'll be fine", and I think she will, but so hard to let go when I have already lost you.

Anyway, in the main, I am really pleased that she is out and about being 18 - its lovely to have all her friends coming and going from party HQ - aka Allington Rd - the joys of living in the city centre.

Missing you loads - especially on Saturday night at the party - you would have loved it.

Lots of love



  1. Happy birthday Sophie, great party, love, U Bob

  2. A great nite and it was good to see Sophie having so much "fun" ! Jo as ever is spot on - Ella you would have loved it - your friends were there for yiu and I'm sure you were there in some way. As well. Happpy Birthday Sophie xx