Friday, 16 August 2013

August 15 2013

Dear Ella,

So yesterday - as in August 15 was a bit of a massive day.

A level results, two birthdays, another Ella fund raiser, university in sight - oh and Gaynor and Ian back in town.

Quietly and determinedly your sister delivered a blinding set of A Level results - you must be proud and potentially slightly envious.  In fact so good that her place at Cardiff Uni has been confirmed - now all she has to do is decide if she is going...

The wait for confirmation of the results was draining!

The SACO Bath team laid on a great night of entertainment for you - and raised around £500 to the cause, we had a lovely time.  Gaynor and Ian were so pleased to actually be able to go to one of your events.

It was the big 21 birthday for Annie - a night out for the dream team - of course minus one, but sure you were there in spirit egging them on to enjoy themselves.

Another year on the clock for Shelagh

Sitting in bed contemplating what the day, the weekend and September holds - but in reality have only got to do today - "one day at a time".

Lots of love


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  1. Absolutely awesome, Sophie. Well done xx