Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Not from me

Dear Ella

You will be delighted to hear that its not me but George tonight...

Dear Ella

So it the first night in my new flat in Leeds! I can not believe I have gone through this whole process without you to share it with and talk about it all!  But I definitely think you would approve.  Looking out my lounge windows and over my 6th floor balcony you can see all of Leeds City Centre, and at the moment its all lit up in the nights sky!  The flat is beautiful too.  I share it with one other - Katie, she is a few years older than me.

Katie is away this weekend so I am spending my first night alone which is strange!  But my Dad came up to help me move as did Jonathan.  Jonny has an interview in Leeds tomorrow so will stay over, and we are going to have dinner out with Katie which will be nice.  I am nervous about living with her as she is already settled here and I feel like I am going to get in the way for the few weeks I am off, but am sure it'll feel like home soon enough.  I plan on printing the picture of the four of us girls in Woolacombe on a canvas to put up in my new room :)

The apartment block is a 10-15 min walk to the hospital I will  be working at in September.  My induction day will be either 2 or 16 September.  No more long bus journeys to work

Soon it will be my 21st (????) - can you believe it???  Not sure what I am going to do yet   I would like to celebrate at home but it will depend on the work situation and also friends - no good going home if Annie, Amy etc wont be able to make it  And anyway I'll be back home for your party in November.  I cannot wait to get all dressed up instead of putting on my trainers and sports kit!  Talking of which, I think we did you proud on the bike ride, and had fun at the same time :)

Well thats it for now, but I will write again soon as this month is going to be packed with news!

Lots and lots of love from Georgina xxxxxx

How lovely was that - and that was the abridged version!

Lots of love



  1. It's a great city and underrated Georgina...... You'll love it and have a great time I'm sure..... Still love the Wooly photo of the 4 of you..... I remember the lunch in The Red Barn earlier the same day...... Love Jim

  2. It was a great lunch, thanks Jim! George, love the canvas idea, can't wait to see your flat for myself, and also can't wait to celebrate your birthday however that may be! xxx

  3. still catching up on the blog tonight Jo. Love that you are still enjoying the letters, and there is infact another one on the way to you. No Dear Ella in it as actually had some things to ask you! But have started work today so there will be a Dear Ella shortly, I look forward to writing it :) And what an amazing time we had in Woolacombe! Such a good day :) Thank you Jim! xxx