Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Happy Birthday

Dear Ella,

I am sure you have remembered that today is Grannies birthday, so if you don't mind this letter is for her - please pass it on.

Lots of love


Hi Mum,

Happy Birthday - hope you are doing OK.

We are all fine (well, you know on the surface in a British kind of way, wouldn't want to scratch the surface too deep), and some how muddling through without you to direct and lead the way.

We often gather as a family, and the simple familiar rituals of arranging, planning, preparing for and sharing events and time help us all hugely.

The tiddlers (Tommy and Kezia) keep us all on our toes, and give us little time to dwell and malinger.  They talk naturally and curiously about you and Ella being "up there" and the excitement mounts when we release balloons for you.  Did the ones we sent on Sunday reach you OK?

Dad sets us all a shining example of how to count our blessings every day - even when we are feeling a little blue and in his case a bit fed up with being deaf.

Your wonderful boys remain stalwart, steady, dependable and just - well wonderful.

You must be keeping a careful eye on Sophie - did you see that you have made it onto her noticeboard in her room at uni?  A treasured memory of a holiday with you and Dad many years ago (no doubt at all that she can almost smell and taste your spaghetti bolognese that you would have cooked her for tea one evening).  As you can see - she is doing amazingly well and coping so well with all the challenges that come with leaving home for the first time.

The younger Mrs T as in Tina - is simply amazing, she somehow helps to glue us all together and along with Sonia and countless other friends - is simply there to catch and help us in whatever shape or format is needed.

So honestly - we are OK - I promise.

Take care of Ella

Lots of love and happy birthday



  1. Little to add to Jo's lovely summary Mum, apart from, you would be proud of Jo for the positive approach she is taking to life after all she has been through - always a big sister to look up to, love, Rob

  2. Great thought process Sis...... Mum would smile(and probably did), and then say 'that's my girl x (and thanks for looking out for all my men) '

  3. A rock in our tight family is our sis ! We now another 2 mrs t's who both. Have some of the traits of mrs t senior !!