Friday, 4 October 2013

I'm back

Dear Ella,

Have you enjoyed the peace and quiet this week?  None of my ramblings to put up with!

I might not have been right here to write to you, but trust me you were with me every step of the way on my lovely holiday in Israel.  Yep - you read that right Israel, check me out!

A fleeting but fascinating insight into such a diverse, historic and beautiful country. You would have loved it - the weather, beach, food (some of the best I have ever eaten), history, markets, shopping, sights, sounds and smells - a total assault on the senses in every way.

Similar in some ways to our trip to Morocco that you loved so much, but this had "Sunday School" thrown in big time - every corner we turned in Jerusalem was yet another historical spot, religious site or point of interest - hard to believe I was there.  At one point I lit a candle for Granny - what with it nearly being her birthday and knowing how much she always wanted to go and see Jerusalem.

Could see  you living in Tel Aviv - in fact we thought you were  - we spotted an "Ella" one evening, tall, slim, long haired, full of life and laughing - it was mesmerising to watch her and dare I say pretend it was you.

So, I have been and come back and survived without you and Sophie - my favourite holiday buddies of all time by my side.

See - I am learning to grow up!

Lots of love

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  1. Great post Jo, so pleased to hear you had such a good time. Love GAJ