Saturday, 22 February 2014

Big pants!

Dear Ella,

I thought it would never happen - but it would seem it has, a sign that I might just be getting older.

Just back from an underwear overhaul (you can only go on with tatty knicks for so long), and I find that I have purchased pants as big as I remember my Mum's being.

I can vividly remember looking a her underwear hanging up  next to mine and laughingly thinking "call that underwear - it looks more like armour".  Now, many years later - if I hung my new collection up next to Sophie's scraps of material that she calls underwear - mine too would like armour of some description.

You think you will never morph into your Mum and then you go and do it, without even realising. On the underwear front I think you finally realise its about comfort and of course support - the older you get the more you need - support, lycra, material and style.  It's almost like going to be reupholstered!

It's not just underwear where I can see the similarities - phrases, mannerisms and all sorts of actions suddenly seem familiar,  "if I were you", "that's ridiculous" and making funny groan and sigh noises as I move from sitting to stand - now that's proper old!

You'll never have the delight of morphing into me - perhaps a huge positive?

Lots of love


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  1. Too much info! Still, I will add to it by saying I am pleased to have gone down the aforementioned scale in recent years, love U Bob