Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Dutch man with ponytail

Dear Ella,

Just to explain why there is a dutch man with a ponytail in your room. A decorator by trade - he is simply tidying up the walls and "hurrah" getting rid of the dreaded orange pine skirting and woodwork, which should make you smile.

Just thought the time had come to get things in order a bit, but of course it will always be you room. Its  a lovely space to go and think about you and look at your pictures and things and it's not just me who likes to do that.

So many roads lead back to "Ella".

People giving the very valuable "red stuff" - U Jim tonight
People training to run the 10k - loads of us
A baby "Ella" at work - maybe nothing to do with you this one - but I can believe
People sharing stuff they have read about grieving - Mark
Girlfriends reminiscing about younger Ella's, Sophie's and Jess's, happy, priceless days that have helped to build the legacy and story - Nicki

And on the journey and memories go.

Lots of love


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