Sunday, 16 June 2013

A load of old balls

Dear Ella,

Cricket balls that is.   Well the big cricket for Ella event is nearly here, I know you must be very bemused by the whole proceedings, but hey - more cash for the TCT unit.

We had the final meeting to arrange it all tonight - lots of laughter and joshing around amongst those actually playing - something about boxes, whites and idea what so ever - but what I do know is, that it will be another opportunity for everyone to gather, smile and remember you

Lots of love

This was the post on Facebook this evening

Cricket for Ella:
Hi everyone please forward this onto anyone who might be interested in coming along! The cricket match will be held at Ashton Park School on Sunday 23 June starting at 12.30. The teams are sorted (a motley collection of family, friends and teachers). What we need now are lots of spectators to come and watch, cheer and raise yet more money for Ella's fund towards the new TCT unit in Bristol. A call for cakes - just like the 10K we will be selling tea and cakes - so please bake some cakes to bring on the day. There will be a Pims tent, face painting for the children (adults as well) and lots of space to just sit and watch and enjoy the fun - and of course we will be doing this in a place that meant a huge amount to Ella - her school Ashton Park. See you there x x x

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