Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Caught me....

Dear Ella,

So - have made it back onto the "work circuit" in terms of being out and about at events in London and Bristol and so on.

Everybody, very lovely and welcoming and in the main its a distraction and keeps me busy...but then something happens and "wham" - its an Ella moment - like last night when the band played "Dancing Queen" - happy days on Greek holidays in the sunshine. Then I feel sick to the core and its a quick exit away from everyone and breathe.....but your still gone.

Lots of love


  1. Having seen the video clip, even I now feel tearful when I hear The Dancing Queen, love, U Bob

  2. For me there are many other songs that give me that feeling, like Mr Brightside by the Killers - that Ella and I used to sing on the way to school! But hopefully one day we will be able to enjoy all these songs again. I love listening to my 'Ella' CD :) xxx