Monday, 3 June 2013

At least I know

Dear Ella,

Horrible news last week, well at least a a reminder of a horrific happening last year.  Do you remember that dear little girl April Jones who disappeared in Wales last October?   Well last week they sentenced a man to life in prison for her murder.

However, to this date her body has not been found - and of course her family  can barely begin to imagine what her final hours and minutes of life were like.

At the very least, I know exactly where you were and what happened - you were of course here with us at home in your room, looked after, loved and gently and peacefully  let go.  I am grateful for that and my heart goes out to April's family.

With lots of love


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  1. I was going to comment on this post, but could not find the words, then Ella's Granddad Tarzey did in an email today: "Referring to your blog this week, my thoughts were the same at the end of April's trial; when I read about the bits of scalp, bone fragments and blood and I thought immediately with the contrast to Ella's end. She looked so beautiful and relaxed, free of pain, surrounded by love."