Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Your bridge

Dear Ella,

Terrible news - your favourite bridge is under threat of being turned from pedestrian/cyclists only into the route for the park and ride buses in and out of  town!  I never knew it was called Ashton Vale Bridge.  When we lived in Clifton you, Annie, George and Sophie used to walk across it every day to school.  You grew to love its structure - early signs of your interest in architecture. Some where there must be many photos that you took of "your bridge" over the years.

Anyway Mr Furguson and his mates at the city council see it as a way of reducing traffic congestion, I am sure if you were here - you would be campaigning against the plans - tell you what I'll do it for you!

Stop BRT2

Lots of love



  1. I also had no idea it was called Ashton Vale Bridge.. xx

  2. It's also The Bridge to Mecca..... The Gate!