Saturday, 28 September 2013

Stopped in my tracks - by Steve Evans51

Dear Ella,

Just been "stopped in my tracks" unloading the washing machine.  BBC breakfast news was on, it was an interview with the most extraordinary man called Steve Evans.   He is dying of cancer and was being interviewed by Louise Minchin and Charlie Stayt.

The interview was so poignant, inspirational, interesting and touchingly funny, he articulated the journey so well and reminded me so much of your cancer journey and attitude.  I think it helped me to further understand some of what you went through.

Steve is now on the radiotherapy stage to give him "quality of life" and a bit more time, there is no other treatment that will work for his cancer.  He seems to be getting a bit more time than you - so has been able to settle and come to terms with the final stage of his journey.  You of course did not have quite enough time (understatement of the decade), but were amazing in the time you had.

He is now on twitter Steve Evans51 and talked of how supportive it is to have people following him and willing him on, the same sort of feeling you and me used to get from all the followers of our blogs Getting Better  and day to day living

Over a cup of coffee, in our lovely kitchen, sitting at the counter I have just read your blog again and feel so close to you and privileged that I was on the journey with you - from start to end.

Lots of love



  1. @tarzey is now following him too

  2. Me too! Also plan on catching up with the interview. xxx