Saturday, 6 April 2013

Lost Glory

Dear Ella

U Jim's lovely words - I too clearly remember Grand National Day two years ago - the wonderful Mark Kennedy helped us get through the weekend.  He  introduced  you and Sophie to "gambling" - made  us all bet on a horse and then watch the race, can't remember if we won or not!

Lots of love

Hi Jo

Today is a special day in sport as its the Grand National, just in case this has passed you by! 
I love Grand National Day and it has very fond memories(Mum and Dad loved it and i half wish I was on Henleaze Rd this morning in Billy Hills) for me over the years with a few wins, culminating in a visit to Aintree 2 years ago

It's also a poignant day, as it was whilst at Aintree that we took a call from Mum to tell us Ella had been diagnosed with a tumour in her arm, which luckily for us was a call that came on the Saturday evening after we had been to the race course.

Anyway, today and for all Grand Nationals I will remember Ella more so than other days, and whilst I am around will always put £5 on Ella's Horse (am not sure if she ever put a bet on but hey ho!)

I will always pick a horse that in some way has some significance to Ella and this year my choice is Lost Glory(no need for an explanation). It's a bit of an outsider with a bit of form, but not fancied by the pundits(66-1), but you never no. I will be placing £2.50 E/W so the bet will return, if Lost Glory comes in the first 4 places. 

Naturally if Ella's Horse comes 1,2,3 or 4 the winnings will be donated to TCT

For those family members betting today I fancy Seabass, the Housewives Favorite with Katie Walsh on board and looking to be the first woman to win the National. I like the horse, it pushed Neptune Collonges very close last year(although I was backing Neptune who won by a nose!) and just have this inkling that its Seasbass's year!

Will probably fall at the first!

Anyway, if your watching the National then give a cheer for Lost Glory! 

Love Jim

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  1. It was fun as ever watching Ella and Lost Glory made it quite a way before gracefully pulling up. Another year perhaps! Had Teaforthree today so a small consolation! Jim