Saturday, 13 April 2013

"Mum Music"

Dear Ella,

House to myself - so its turn up my "Ella Play list".  They are all tunes that remind me of you, some you would like, some you introduced me to and some you would roll your eyes and say "get this s**t off - it's "Mum Music"!

Anyway, as I said I am on my own so can play what I want..

There are several that I love for the lyrics - here are two - the first is "mum music" the second one we both love.

Turn up the music

Lots of love


War Baby - Tom Robinson     "Wish I could see you once again just to remember it was true, I want to be still beside you - quiet and still beside you, llistening to your breathing and feeling your warmth again"

 Brown Eyed Girl - Van Morrison    "My brown eyed girl, You My brown eyed girl"


  1. Oh Jo - music hits places that we sometimes find it hard to go - for some of us it's our first language,,, two ace humming as I write xxx

  2. Lovely lyrics. I often enjoy listening to my Ella playlist too! :) Lots of love xxx