Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Bedraggled Bran Flakes

Dear Ella,

One of my rambling days - you know what I mean, where I ramble on about everyday things that could only possibly happen to me aged 52 and 3/4's!

So a bit of a slog all day - little sleep last night, was woken by rain on skylights and lay worrying that summer had been and gone (well the sun was out for two days), that I had stupidly left my very nearly dried out daffodil and tulip bulbs out and they would now be soaking wet and would the rain come seeping in through my ceiling again.  Honestly, Redman, get things in perspective!

Then popped into supermarket on way home from work - out of mushrooms and bran flakes, you know how it is?  No small boxes of bran flakes left so had to purchase large family size one which did not fit in bag, back pack etc.  Not a problem - will simply carry home under arm.  However, down came the rain and the box got soggier and soggier - especially by the time I had been further soaked by a Bristol bus swishing a whole puddle of water all over me.  Bedraggled and with soggy bran flakes I made it home - ah peace.

But no - a cheery ring, ring on the door (can't be anyone for t shirts - all gone), it was a "chugger" for CANCER research - "you've picked the wrong house mate........for any number of reasons"!  I did think about offering a soggy family sized box of bran flakes for the cause - but remembered just in time to stop all thought bubbles tumbling out of my mouth as real words....... not really necessary or appropriate.

And that's it rambles over, time to escape under the duvet.  You can see I am still the same - mostly!

Lots of love


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  1. Have u thought about writing a play: a day in the life of Jo 52 & 3/4 it would have it all, humour sadness madness & determined hugely successful fundraiser, such amazing amount raised well done to all involved x