Sunday, 26 May 2013


Dear Ella,

Well two days of sunshine - and I have a terrible confession....the BBQ has not been fired up - or even mentioned, none of us can face it.

You were the BBQ queen - any hint of sun and you would cheerily say "BBQ then"?  The wheels would turn to make it happen, dig out  charcoal,  buy food, toss a salad or two and then the big moment would come as you advanced down the garden to set the charcoal on fire.

Happy days watching you stand "bloke like" over your BBQ - poking sausages around and then watching your happy face munch through burger's, chicken kebabs and much more whilst swilling down a beer or G&T.   Then there would always be the ceremony of throwing Rosemary sprigs onto the dyeing embers - sitting back, full, contented and smelling the heady Mediterranean like smells caused by the burning twigs.

I hope you have found a massive BBQ to fire up.

Lots of love


From Ella's I Phone!


  1. So many good memories of BBQs with Ella. :) I hope you can enjoy one again soon Jo. Lots of love xxx