Sunday, 19 May 2013

In your shoes - literally

Dear Ella,

Morning lovely, here I am in Cornwall "in your shoes" - literally.

Last week I came across your Sperry deck shoes that you wore everywhere last summer - couldn't stop myself, tried them on and they are quite a good fit.  So now tramping across rocks and beaches in them - sort of for you.  I can see you rolling your eyes and sighing already.

Not in St Ives - couldn't face that location just yet - but I often look at the photos from our holiday there last year.

Dad sent a text to say your tree is finally up, and that Sophie got home safe and sound from her prom.  So am trying to relax and go with the gentle and healing rhythm of being at the seaside - even though you aren't here with me.

Lots of love

Whether you call them A/Os, deck shoes or Top-Siders, they will always be the Originals. Since 1935, these shoes have been the staple for those with a passion for the sea. The A/O combines classic comfort and enduring style for a timeless look. Fashion fades, but style is forever.

The description of the shoes is apt - like you "enduring style, timeless look, style is forever"

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  1. So glad the shoes (and you) are out and about and having a good time, they are great! x