Monday, 27 May 2013

We gave you a name

Dear Ella,

Had dinner with Jim, Grandad, Sophie, Andy, Tina, Tommy and Kezia.

Somehow I have developed a nick name for Tommy - "Tommy Tomato" - very funny (well when your six it is) we played this game at dinner about trying to think of a name for everyone in the family (and others).  It had to be a fruit or vegetable and of course start with the same letter as your name.  So we had:

Sophie Sprout
Kezia Kale
Tina Tangerine
Andy Apple
Bob Banana
Grandad Grape

All of a sudden Tommy said - "what about Ella"?  - ah bless him, how lovely was that - I think you ended up being "Ella Egg" - I know it's not a vegetable or fruit, but he came up with it and was the one who included you.

For the record we struggled with Jo and Jim - "Jaffa" - was the best we could do!

So you see my lovely girl, never forgotten - especially by a little six year old - we love you Tommy:)

Lots of love



  1. Jo Jalapeño
    Jim Jif-lemon

    Tommy could have gone for Ella Elderberry

    Love U Bob

  2. It was a great discussion...... Lots of laughter....... Sophie did come up with Jalapeño to be fair....... I'll take that to avoid the Jaffa jokes before they come..... Jim