Friday, 31 May 2013

An e mail

Dear Ella,

Lots of lovely enthusiastic SACO people wanting an update on all the various events - so popped this e mail out today.  As ever the immediate response back was simply amazing.

Oh my lovely girl .........its so bitter sweet, another weekend without you.

Lots of love


Hi Team SACO

An update for you all on fund raising for the TCT in memory of my Ella.  So far a magnificent £50,000 has been raised, of which £12,298 has been raised by SACO and Deeley Freed.  This is a staggering (and for those of you who watched the 10K – staggering was the best way to describe the home straits for me) achievement.  Thank you.

Liam and myself are currently working on some plans for further fund raising initiatives within SACO, in the meantime here is an update on forthcoming events that friends and family of Ella’s are arranging – we would love you to join in where you feel you can.  

Cricket for Ella – Sunday 23 June at Ashton Park School.  12.30 start.  A motley crew of players including our very own Sam Gosh and Craig Neilson.  Fingers crossed for a hot sunny day so that spectators can lounge around, drink Pimms and cheer loudly as the boys swing their bats and balls around.

Pop Up Restaurant – Friday 12 and Saturday 13 July.  A unique event and one that Ella would have really approved of.  Teachers from Ella’s school Ashton Park are running  this event.   There are still places left on both nights, but they are filling up quickly – so get your places booked ASAP.  I’m there on the Saturday night – dining not working!  £25 a ticket – plus wine.

Cycle for Ella – Sat 20 and Sun 21 July.  A group of us are cycling to Glastonbury and back.  80 mile round trip.  Ella always wanted to go to Glastonbury, but never made it.  So we are going for her.  It’s also around her birthday. Mark Stephens is on this one from SACO,  and is taking on the personal challenge of getting me back on a bike for the first time in over 20 years.  Don’t laugh when I can’t walk on Monday morning.

Party for Ella – Saturday 2 November.  My girl loved a party, so we are having a big one!  This will be a black tie bash, with music, dancing and an auction – our very own Mr David Freed will be the  auctioneer extraordinaire for the event.  Tickets will be going on sale soon - £30.  The venue is the Clifton Club in Clifton.  Any offers of auction and/or raffle prizes very welcome, we are also in the market for a great covers band to get us all dancing on the night.

Finally – if that’s not enough – we are also going into nail varnish production – think “Ella Red”  “Redmania”.   Branded, packaged and ready to sell later this year – again with all profits going to the TCT.    This would have been Ella’s favourite project – she loved nail art.   I will be asking for distributors and sales people soon.   Gingersnap – Ella’s modelling agency along with Sophie Ella’s sister and Maisy one of Ella’s best friends are on this project.

Lots going on and it will mean that we get a unit up and running in Bristol – to support young people diagnosed with cancer between the ages of 18 and 24 from all over the South West.  It’s what Ella wanted to do – we are just doing it for her.

With many thanks



  1. SACO sounds like a great company, the support you all give Jo is amazing (from Jo's brother Bob)

  2. Wow Jo this update is amazing, I'm so pleased to see the total is so high and still going! Lots of love, Clare Carpenter xxx