Friday, 10 May 2013

Busy Allington Rd Kitchen

Dear Ella,

Friday evening - long week - home from work - realise more that just me and Sophie (Maisy and Mark as well) to feed, dash to "the Asda" - pick up some bits, throw it all together, lots of chat and banter - almost feels like a Friday evening from a long time ago.

Our kitchen is still lovely - would be even more lovely if you were here.

Lots of love



In our lovely kitchen a few summers ago

and again...


  1. Lots of Love xxx

  2. Many a happy cuppa drunk in your kitchen, and some lovely meals too, love Rob

  3. Lovely photos Jo :) Hope you had a nice evening. Lots of love xxx

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  5. (whoops, don't know how I deleted previous comment) Lovely photos and lovely family! God bless

  6. And then you have to put up with Shelagh, Lorraine and I this evening! Can't wait:-)

  7. Would love to be in that kitchen right now - miss you. Have a fun night tonight!

  8. Lovely photos and lovely memories stirred by them - Hi Jo - so sorry to have missed the 10K on Sun last(hope you got my voicemail - dreaded slipped disc but I am on the mend now!) looks like an amazing event and a very special day - brilliant amounts of money raised - just amazing - hope I can be there for the next time 23 June is not far away! - as ever have been thinking about you all and sending lots of love everyday and now that I am back on my feet I hope to see you very soon and that the hamstrings have recovered all love Suzy xx