Thursday, 12 September 2013

Christmas Carols

Dear Ella,

Lots of news tonight!

Thanks to the wonderful Jane Clutterbuck - I joined a choir tonight and started singing!   I know you would be pleased, something I had talked about doing for so long and have now done.  Of course I cant sing - but the lovely choir master made me feel so relaxed and welcome that before I knew it there were sounds coming out of my mouth - I was so surprised, I thought they were coming from someone else.

Anyway, proper sheet music and all of that (apparently I am a first alto). I muddled my way through the session - with a huge range of emotions, not least because we ended up singing "Silent Night" (got to be ready for Christmas concert) which of course was Grannies favourite carol - could feel my eyes welling up - wasn't ready for that!

Other emotions stirred by being in a primary school - could see my little girls in their early school years and just the whole emotion of hearing over 60 people sing together in some kind of harmony.  An exhaustively wonderful two hours.

Then we went to the TF with Maya and Amy and just chatted and laughed.  Maya told me a great story about you and her drinking too many gin and tonics at the TF one night, we debated what was the right age to have a baby, caught up on "Boy George news", chatted about life in Montreal, Sheffield and Bristol and of course talked about you.

It was a "Gurt Lush"evening.

Lots of love


PS - its raining - so that will be a frog event in the morning!


  1. It was indeed a "gurt lush" evening! Let's not leave it too long till the next one! :)

  2. Thought of you loads tonight Ella........ Chicken wings, booze and 'Mumford and Sons...... Played very well by a tribute duet in a lively Cape Cod bar...... Took me back to that great Florida holiday of 2007...... Return there next week, but different destination....... Uncle Jim x