Thursday, 26 September 2013

In to my arms

Dear Ella,

Somethings never change.

At the weekend I went to watch the film "About Time".   It's the latest Richard Curtis film - you know like "Love Actually".

I loved it - and of course fell in love with the sound track - so in my usual fashion bought it (yes I know just Like "The Descendants", "500 days of Summer" and "Juno"), and yes I have played it non stop - especially the track "into my arms "by Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds.  I play it at breakfast time, tea time and just before I go to bed (now).

You would be getting cross and telling me to turn it off - but hey there is no one here, except me so guess what?  I can do what I like - no one to annoy!

So same old Mum - watch a film, get hooked on a track and then play it continually - and yes this one has made it into my top 10 songs of all time.

Somethings never change

Lots of love


PS - the film had Bill Nighy in it :)


  1. Didn't know this track Jo - its beautiful...and with Bill Nighy too the film must be a win win! (Always want to say Bill Nighty...Freudian slip??!!) Am sure Ella and Sophie will have become fixated on a film or track at some point...Billie is pretty much word perfect for any Sex and the City! There's something comforting about the very familiar xxx

  2. Ah - thanks Mandy, love the "nighty" slip! I'm word perfect on SATC as was Ella - essential watching for any female in my humble opionion
    Love to you xxxx

  3. Rob is helping me to use your blog!