Wednesday, 11 September 2013

First time's

Dear Ella,

So I am having to experience any number of first times - the current one is helping one of my daughters get ready for university, leaving home and the whole separation process - which of course is normal and right.

In the normal course of events - I would have been through this once with you and have a bit of experience under my belt, instead we (as in Sophie and myself) are feeling our way and stumbling through it - but I think getting there.  As I said to her the other night - she really is off to "big, big, big school" now.

You of course did leave home, but not in the normal, expected way - all rather unexpected and not what was planned at all.   Some days I like to think you have gone to the biggest  school of all - "the universe of life".  Hope it's fun.

Lots of love


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  1. I still have and use some of the stuff our Mum gave me to help me on the way - a big moment in life - all the best to you Sophie - like me you have a great Mum to fall back on when you need it, love U Bob