Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Dear Ella,

Just finished a "2 November Party For Ella planning evening" - its all go.  Over 200 people coming, just 40 tickets left to sell.

Some great auction, silent auction and raffle prizes have been donated.  Music sorted and running order just about done.

So it will be a great evening - I know you would approve, but forgive me when I need a moment or two as the familiar, painful reality check hits "that you aren't here, and never ever will be again".  The party will feel so right, but so wrong.

Enough Redman!   Today we tipped over £75,000 on the Just Giving pages - and very much hope the party will take us to at least £85,000. We then need to work out where to get the final £15,000 from to get us to our £100,000 target.  (A target we have not verbally stated, but all secretly have in our hearts).

That TCT unit will be open next Spring - we will have done what you wanted.

Lots of love


My party girl pre cancer

My party girl in recovery from cancer - and still ready to party!

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