Sunday, 24 March 2013

3 beautiful things (3BT's)

Dear Ella

Back on the 3 BT's - except I have 6 for today - is that greedy?

1. Waking up to that "Saturday morning feeling" - (which didn't take too long to come  after the usual awful waking moment of remembering that you are not here) - no overwhelming timetable, simply more time to choose and do things, even down to what to eat for breakfast!

2.  Tidied and sorted your room - that feels better.  So you see nothing changes, you will know better than anyone and witnessed how often the the therapy of bringing order to chaos has calmed and settled me.  Hope your like what we have done, it was great to have your Dad helping me.

3.  After all the tidying and sorting - just having the whole day to myself - terrifying but wonderful.

4.   I ran three miles!

5.  Sophie coming home from work - enjoying her tea and then looking twenty million dollars as she set off for her night out.

6.   Geoff and Sue coming round for dinner. As ever Geoff cooked -  wonderful food and great company. There are no friends like old friends - and as you know we have been a threesome for a long time.  We reminisced about all the times you dipped in and out of our evenings over the years and relentlessly teased Geoff (lesbian boots) and hugged Sue.  We cried a lot but also said "WOW"!

Lots of love



Geoff, Ella and Sue 

Geoff,  Jo and Sue

Geoff and his apprentice

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  1. Let's see - 3BTs for BT

    1. I have just written an email to Dad with all my news, which is generally pretty good, so lucky me!
    2. Eating pork pie and cheese straws (not as good as Mum's) sitting in the snow on the North Downs today with Mick and Al
    3. Just watched the time team, which was a retrospective of 20 years and reminded me of the dig they did at Windsor Castle where they found Edward III's round table building. I have just read a book about him, so it all made more sense this time!