Monday, 11 March 2013

Just settling down to my other job

Dear Ella,

A Monday working day over at SACO - promised I looked forward to it - forever your "I don't like Mondays" resonates with us all.   Now settling down to an evening of admin on fundraising activity -
crikey mate you have kicked up a storm!

Around 100  people running the Bristol 10k on 5 May.  We have arranged a pre and post venue meet up point with "Lorraine" catering, Run for Ella T shirts designed by Sophie and Jim, press photo shoots and on it goes

A cricket match on 23 June - at Ashton Park School with teachers and all sorts involved - U Jim and Mark sorting  

A bike ride to Glastonbury and back on 20 and 21 July.  You never made it so we are going for you! U Bob in charge

Nail varnish production - "Redmania" - Clare and Maisy

Art exhibition - Jude

...and lots more (someone is cycling from Bristol to Amsterdam, never mind Glasonbury!)  So far the Just Giving pages are approaching £4,000 - and we have barely started - we will get that unit up and running, I promise.

It all takes lots of work - but I am not alone - a great team with me and of course you at the front as the inspiration - I can feel you pushing us on.

Lots of love


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  1. Yes, cycle ride planning under way. Granddad and me (and perhaps U Jim) going to Glastonbury on April 13th to check things out.