Thursday, 14 March 2013


Dear Ella

So when do you think my underlying anxiety and fear will go?

I realised today that I am always just waiting for the next piece of bad news or something  rubbish to happen.   Every time my phone goes I think "oh no what now"? When Sophie goes out - will she get home OK, (will I get home OK when I go out!)?  Down to really dull and mundane things like - what if the heating packs in? what if Brain brings another frog in? What if, what if , what if, what if........

I guess there have just been too many horrible things happen in recent years - and my thinking needs to shift gear - it's stuck in reverse just now - even neutral would be an achievement.  Really in comparison to so many -  I have so little to be anxious or fearful about.  

Bring on neutral and then at least first gear - forwards and positive - but Jo remember - BE PATIENT.

Lots of love

Your anxious Mum

1 comment:

  1. Maybe you're being too hard on yourself. Try not to get anxious about feeling anxious though, that's cause for one more anxiety. The rest will hopefully follow.

    Thoughts are with you today and always xx