Sunday, 31 March 2013

We missed you lots

Dear Ella,

We missed you and Mum/Granny lots and lots as we gathered together at Easter.

But - the sun shone, it was a little warmer and you were both somewhere near by.

Sneak preview of the "Run For Ella" T Shirts - they arrived today - so we all had a quick modelling session - Grandad, Sophie, Kezzia and Tommy looked the best.

They go on sale next week - more money for the  Teenage Cancer Trust South West appeal - think you would be pleased.

Happy Easter gorgeous girl

Lots of love



  1. We enjoyed today Jo and had a lovely time soaking up some vitamin C ! The T shirt modelling was good.....but I am sure Ella would have been looking on knowing how to have worked the T shirt look better. It was an interesting charades game, especially Andy using gestures to your dad to act out Octopussy! (James Bond film). Enjoy London. Lots of Love. Tina, Andy, Tommy & Kezia xxxx

  2. Great pics, we are all having a laugh looking at them here on the IoM, love U Bob

  3. Fab photos! Cannot wait to get my hands on my Run For Ella t-shirt :) Happy Easter, lots of love xxx