Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Now its socks..

Dear Ella,

I am just trying to imagine the conversation in a house near to ours.

"Anybody know where all the frogs have gone that used to be in our pond"?  "No, but on the note of missing things I have lost my favourite pair of wellington boot socks - have you seen them"?

I know where they all are!

Lots of love



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  1. This really made Si and I giggle Jo - we too have been treated to 'gifts' of varying levels of usefulness and disgust over the years. Perhaps you should try some subliminal messaging such as posting up pictures of stuff that might be more appreciated than frogs and socks....£10 notes perhaps....Jimmy Choos etc. Tack them up on the skirting boards for Brian to gaze at as she wandered around and maybe she'll get the hint! xxx