Wednesday, 27 March 2013

We went for you

Dear Ella

Had to do something for you on Monday evening - it should have been you, but - well you know.

Caught the train to London and went to the final Teenage Cancer Trust concert at the Royal Albert Hall, we (me and Lorraine) saw Paul Weller but skipped Palma Violets.  We met lots of the TCT people and raised a glass to you and all the people behind us on our fund raising mission to get a Teenage Cancer  unit up and running in Bristol.

Do you remember how they as in the TCT nurse and coordinator used to promise that you could go to these gigs and events  when you were better - you never made it, a crying shame you would have loved it.  We only got to do the watching out front bit, but you would have gone for the whole day and met all the celebs, done the workshops, been so cool and generally had a ball.

Anyway, I am sure they raised a shed load of money and as importantly a huge amount of awareness for the charity and all the fantastic work they do.

Our fundraising efforts continue - U Bob e mailed last night to say we have gone over the £5,000 mark - and we haven't even really started yet.

Love you loads



  1. Sounds fantastic. I am pleased you got to go on Ella's behalf. xxx

    1. It's a great charity & lots of additionsl money being raised on paper forms for 10k.... Who is Palma Violets... Lilac sweets in our day :-)