Saturday, 2 March 2013

Snow drops and daffodills

Dear Ella,

So that feels better.  Hope you like the snowdrops and baby daffodils that I bought out and planted for you, I will bring lots more bulbs over the months.  It was great to be there early with no one else around - and it started to really feel like we had chosen the right place for you.

Less mud, not quite as cold and bleak, lots of spring flowers, birds chirping everywhere - could even hear a woodpecker busy at work, and best of all lots of country smells "cow dong" as you called it when  you were a little girl.  I think your tree will be planted later this month.

The words on your stone feel right for me (and your Dad), so I really hope they are OK with you - better explain how I chose them.   You'll be pleased to hear I remembered them from "Sex And The City" - one of our many shared pleasures (Series 1 - 6 and the two films got us through many a bleak hospital hour, I can still see Dr D rolling his eyes at us when he saw what we were watching).

So the words "Ever thine, Ever mine, Ever yours"  are read out to "Big" by Carrie from a book on great love letters she has borrowed from New York Central Library.  Turns out they were written by Ludwig Beethoven to his girlfriend.

I think you are the only person with a SITC quote on their stone at woodlands!!!

Simple, poignant and just right for you my lovely.

Lots of Love


  1. Such beautiful words Jo - they resonated with Billie and I when we heard them on the show. Such a very hard decision to make but I think you made the perfect choice.xx

  2. Lovely words Jo, nice and simple. I prefer the Beethoven story to the SITC one, but I am sure Ella would go for the latter, love Rob