Thursday, 21 February 2013

A blast from the past

Dear Ella,

This was a lovely letter from one of your "guy friends" at school - gosh you loved school so much.  A real coincidence with the Gingersnap connection - happy modelling days.  As you always said, not glamorous, but a good way to earn money and meet some interesting people - one of your "snaps" below.

Lots of love

Dear Ella, 

I don't think there's currently been a day where I haven't thought about our school days together, where we spent the summer months 'down by the tree' with all our friends in our white polo's with the school logo on. It's strange to think that it was around about 5 years ago, where I would definitely have the workload of GCSEs over Degree any-day. I went to Gingersnap the other day for my current Uni brief working with a hair company, they had asked us if we had ever worked with models from gingersnap and it got me thinking about your model work. I had told them I went to school with you and it turns out you had a mass effect on everyone who knew you and even those that didn't. A well achieved goal in my eyes at least.

Credit where credit is due, I know we didn't talk in the last few years after school, but your words still acted as an source of understanding (you and your mum) more-so recently for me and the rest of my family, as my mum battled illness not too long ago. Hearing the news of your departure, to me it left me shocked, and left me questioning the world, but over the last few months I can only understand that you are limitless in your fields of practice (science/fashion/modelling). 

Before I wrote this my mind was full of things I wanted to talk to you about, but now I sit here unknown what I want to say but Thank You. Thank You to my friend, and your family because without you and your family I would have not had the wonderful, funny friend through school and sixth form. 

I hope to keep in contact,


P.S I apologise for the grammar and spelling. English was never my best subject.


  1. Lovely words Joe, and a stunning picture too. I miss school lots sometimes, and would definitely take GCSE work over uni work anyday now! Don't know what we used to complain about! xxx

  2. Lovely Joe, you did brilliantly!
    I remember during my GCSEs I wasn't doing well and Ella, bless her, really tried to help me out. I don't think I would have passed if she hadnt given be a boot up the backside!