Friday, 8 February 2013

Catching my tail

Dear Ella,

A catching up kind of a day, no work, lots of jobs and chores and time to just be.

The sun came out at one point so I snuck off to Cage Gusto for a coffee and sat in peace and quiet and just was.

How many times did we share a Gusto Americana when you were in hospital?  I would be dispatched to the nearest Gusto, for coffee, juice and some kind of bizarre sandwich.  Bless you, your face would light up on my return and we would sit amongst the bleeping machines, bags of chemo and chat and catch up.   It helped to fill in time and was certainly better than hospital food and coffee.

My morning coffee moment took me back to those endless days in hospital and the grind and relentless energy and determination that was needed from you and all of us to get through them.  Bizarrely, I find myself missing the hospital and the medical crew - and have been back once to just say hi.   You are very much missed by all the nurses and of course Dr D.

Lots of lovely messages from people - who like me are missing you soooooooooo much, what a gap you have left.

Lots of love




  1. I sort of miss my Cafe Gusto chicken and bacon banquette and fresh orange juice(under strictest orders from Ella) on a Saturday breakfast (NOT FORGETTING THE GAURDIAN). We would chat over breakfast and catch up before peace was restored whilst we both read our respective papers. As Jo says would be nice to be back there in a funny sort of way, although am in Woolacombe for w/e so Ella in my mind a bit more than normal! Jim

    1. You were a great Saturday morning hospital buddy for Ella and gave me peace of mind that she was with someone she really enjoyed spending time with. x

  2. Was it the Queen um or the Queen who said that grief is the price we pay for love? What a whole lot of love you shared, and what a lot of grief you're having to endure. Keep writing. xxx

  3. Ah gosh - Cafe Gusto runs! Crikey I remember the runs down to Gusto - damn could they make decent coffee and good fresh orange juice. Nipping down the hospital steps, trotting down the hill with the order running through my head - happy to be hanging out with Ella.
    I think our love of bizarre sandwich fillings meant between us we got through a good whack of the Gusto menu! And returning from the there always meant in for a good catch up and some tasty food.
    And Jim - yes Ella really did love those Saturday morning sessions with you, great company, food and paper!